Get dirt hauling services before you build in Dodson, Ruston & Monroe, LA

A sound home begins with a properly prepared site. If you're building a new home, you'll need a solid house pad. J. & L. Works LLC can help. We offer reliable dirt hauling services in Dodson, Ruston & Monroe, LA & surrounding areas. Your new home will rest safely on packed dirt taken from the rest of your property. You can feel confident in your construction project when it begins on the right foot.

Schedule dependable dirt hauling services from J. & L. Works servicing a 90 mile radius outside of Dodson & Ruston, LA today.

3 good reasons to build your house on a pad foundation

Are you considering building your home on a house pad foundation? This foundation type has several benefits, making it a great choice for homeowners. House pads:

  • Are built faster because they require less excavation work.
  • Are customizable and can fit any size or shape of home.
  • Cost less to build because they use dirt that's already on your property.
Still not sure if you want to build your home on a pad foundation? Ask our team of pros about more benefits now by calling 318-278-4516.